What are the writing and sacred text of confucianism in china

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Filial Piety in the Son of Work. According to Yale University, the sacred texts of Confucianism are five books that legend states Confucius wrote.

These books are "The Book of History," "The Book of Poetry," "The Book of Changes," "The Book of Rites," and the "Spring and Autumn Annals.".

The Chinese Classics These are key texts of Confucianism, the traditional state religion of feudal China.

These are some of the few Chinese texts which survived a disasterous book-burning in B.C.E. by the Emperor Ch'in Shih Huang. The original text was said to have already been edited by Confucius himself.

I Ching (Book of Changes): This book contains a divination system that is widely practiced my Confucianism followers. The system in this book is very comparable to divination rituals practiced in the West African and modern East Asia places of the world.

Misc (Confucian School), The Sacred Books of China: The Texts of Confucianism. Part I The Shu King, Misc (Confucian School), The Sacred Books of China: The Texts of Confucianism. Part I The Shu King, the Religious Portions of the Shih This text-based PDF or EBook was created from the HTML version of this book and is part of the Portable.

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What are the writing and sacred text of confucianism in china
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